Care for Kids

Our unique specialty and expertise in Pediatric Chiropractic Care comes from three main areas:


* Passion
* Science
* Need

While kids are designed to be healthy, strong, and resilient, right now for most families that is simply not the case. Currently over 40% of children have a chronic health condition such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Asthma, and Epilepsy. Furthermore the path to those chronic conditions begins as a series of acute, early childhood illnesses that traditional medicine cannot get a handle on.

Still today parents whose children are struggling with things like colic, constipation, recurrent ear infections, sensory issues, allergies, and developmental delays are told, “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.” Well, that’s simply not true.

Without the proper help far too many kids today “grow into” these chronic health challenges, and suffer and struggle with their health in ways that are simply not fair.

That’s where the purpose and passion of our entire team at Keough Chiropractic comes into play. We know that kids truly are meant to be vibrant and healthy, not sick.

Every single day in our office we get to help kids who were chronically sick, struggling, and loaded up with medications and therapies transform right before our eyes and reach incredible levels of health, happiness, and well-being once again!


Our passion comes from story after story of children truly experiencing miracles, and defying all odds to get back to the healthy, vibrant life they were meant to live all along!

And finally, our Pediatric Chiropractic specialty also comes from an obsession with the science of what causes kids to get sick, and in turn what it takes to get them healthy and stay that way. It is our commitment to get the answers and action steps to every single parent in the Saint Charles community and surrounding areas!

By figuring out exactly what is causing our kids to get sick, we know exactly how to help restore their health step-by-step. To say that our doctors are focused on getting to the root cause of your child’s struggle would be a drastic understatement.

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