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Functional Supplements

Functional Medicine

We offer Functional Medicine to help patients get to the root of complex health issues.

Through extensive testing (some of our testing is covered by insurance) we identify underlying health issues ideally before those issues become pathological.

It is important to understand that we strive to develop a relationship with our patients because correcting complex health issues isn’t a one visit cure all for most.

Why Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine helps change dietary habits, lifestyle habits, emotional stress, and what is creating chronic stress in someone's life. All of these things have to be worked on over time.
It's impossible to make a complete turn around with your health overnight. It requires time and a relationship with your functional medicine provider to do so.

Some examples of why you would see a Functional Medicine Provider: eczema, allergies, hormonal imbalance, ADD/ADHA, autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, headaches, digestion issues, food sensitivities, blood sugar dysregulation, low sex drive, fertility, and brain fog/impaired mental clarity.

Functional Medicine can help get to the root of what's causing dysfunction in your health in the most safe and natural way before disease is able to develop.